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Work with Raise to speed up your fundraising journey. Simplify the process of raising capital in Africa. Build and launch a private deal room to your investors.

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Trusted by the best names in the African startup ecosystem

An end-to-end fundraising experience.

Reduce paperwork, collaborate remotely and run a transparent fundraising round.

Track and close deals faster

COVID-19 is changing fundraising. More than ever, closing deals remotely is important. Prepare, launch and track a private deal room to close your round remotely. 

Run a transparent fundraise

Build stronger relationships. Provide your existing and new investors with access to view their investment details in your company, 24/7.

Due diligence. Simplified.

In COVID-19, remote investing is the new norm. We structure due diligence data to shorten due diligence time and simplify your new portfolio deals.

Hassle-free portfolio data

Access all of your shares, SAFEs, and other investment data across your portfolio in one place.


Ditch the excel sheets.

Raise gives you greater control over how you organize company data. Make company data easy to understand. Sign and issue electronic shares, convertibles and stock options. Automate cap table management. Store important company documents.
Organize your company data

Simplify company ownership.

Raise makes it easy to understand who owns which parts of your company. Visualize founder dilution. Understand the impact of convertible notes, valuation caps and interest-bearing instruments. See your company's future stock value.
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Close deals remotely.

Raise makes investing easy. The future is digital, and remote investing is the new norm. Build and launch a private deal room. Invite potential investors to  join your round. Track and analyze investor interest.
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Collaborate in real time across the company.

Raise is easy to use. Lawyers, founders and shareholders can all collaborate on the same company. Control access-level permissions.

Trusted by the best

We're building the future of African venture capital with some of the best investors, founders and accelerators in the game.
"Data is key to building trust and having something to go back to and learn from for the future. With Raise, I see the best minds and global capital getting excited about what we’re building on the continent and showcasing amazing companies on the world stage."
Nichole Yembra
Managing Director at Chrysalis Capital
“We needed a platform that was more than just a cap table tool; we needed a platform that understood the context of our global company as we grow and manage multiple investor and stakeholders around the globe.”
Kenfield Griffith
Co-founder & CEO at Ajua (Series A)
"Raise brings transparency and accuracy to the African VC ecosystem. Over time, Microtraction is building insight on a sector-by-sector basis to create more accurate valuations for African founders and investors."
Chidinma Iwueke
Partner at Microtraction Fund
"We've worked with Raise since their inception. The ease, stability and veracity which their platform brings to startups and mature company's cap tables  is unprecedented."
Dominic Rebelo
Senior Partner (Corporate, M&A) at A&K

Rock-solid data security

We protect your data with the latest security techniques and tools. Our compliance policies are built to keep up to date with ISO27001. Your data is safe and never leaves our system or is shared with anyone outside of your team.

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‘’Raise was the first platform that made me understand the whole fundraising process and I love the fact that it is an African company serving the African market. What Raise does is awesome and the platform is well thought out, with a hardworking team.’’

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‘’The reason we have stuck with the platform and I actually don’t ever see us going anywhere else is because of the value of expertise. You can get any platform as a service to put your documents but I kind of see the Raise mission which is not only providing a platform but also users are able to interact with it and get a wholesome service which includes education as well consultation.’’ 

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