Build a data-driven valuation

We guide you to understand how valuable your company is performing in African markets: fin-tech, healthcare, agri-tech. 

Raise brings transparency and accuracy to African tech. Over time, we're working to map valuations across Africa's sectors.

Chidinma Iwueke
Managing Partner at Microtraction

Valuations are tough

It is difficult to understand what your valuation is when you are running a company in African markets. That means that your investors are in a place to tell you what your value is. But, no more. We empower you with a valuation report made up of hundreds of data points on Africa’s market, your company and key metrics.

Share valuations with investors

Your valuation reports are shared directly into your account, making it easy to share with investors in your rounds.

Build scenarios for your next round

Use your latest and past valuations to show the growth potential of your company over time.

Thousands of data points:
one report

We use powerful data points on your team, product, projections and your growth trajectory in your industry across Africa to build valuations and reports for your investors. We use different valuation methods to build it:

Build valuations

Use data-driven terms with Raise to build a valuation and report you can share with investors

Track your valuation

Use data-driven and key metrics to value your company over time. Store all of your valuations in your Raise account and update your shareholders.

Show off your valuation report

Use your data-driven report to justify your terms for your round, company’s growth and your story. 

A timeline to success

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