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No more guessing.

An intuitive dashboard. Battle tested data to plan out future ownership percentages. A clean and simple due diligence process. Raise is the one place to manage a fundraise, from end to end.

Built by founders, for founders.

We've all been there. Messy spreadsheets and searching for random excel sheet templates online. Calculate company ownership and let your investors calculate their returns on investment.

Organize company data

Ditch the excel sheets

Broken cap tables make it harder and slower for African startups to raise. Our provides an easy user interface. Man accurate source of truth for your company’s equity.

Issue electronic shares and convertibles

Electronically sign and issue stock options, shares, convertibles like SAFEs and debt. Set your terms, calculate debts and valuation caps automatically. Automatically update your cap table with every issuance.

Plan intelligently

Understand company ownership in a click

Valuation caps, interests, liquidation preferences, vesting clauses. All of these have an impact on a company's ownership percentages. The calculations could take hours to build and understand. On Raise, click a button and instantly understand the impact of convertibles and rounds on company ownership.

Use data to plan your next fundraise

Raise creates intelligent data built directly from your company's cap table data. Understand the impact of valuation caps on a founder's dilution. Plan out your next pre-money valuation. Understand the impact of converted SAFEs.

Close deals faster

Skip the 414 day rule

The average African founder takes an average of 414 days to raise a funding round. Track investor financial commitments and reduce the back and forth.

Track investor interest

Raise makes investing easy. The future is digital, and remote investing is the new norm. Build and launch a private deal room. Invite potential investors to  join your round. Track and analyze investor interest.

Collaborate remotely

Stay in sync with your team

Invite your team members to complete their roles in the fundraise. Companies, advisors, financial consultants and shareholders can all access and work from the latest version of the cap table and deal room.

Work in the cloud

Together with your team, work across borders to complete tasks, update data and carry out fundraising tasks.

Built to be global

Our team of legal engineers and lawyers built our services to accomadate corporate and partnership structures in Mauritius, Bahamas, Delaware, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

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