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Dominic Rebelo, Partner, Anjarwhalla and Khanna
Partner (Corporate) at Anjarwhalla & Khanna

Too many spreadsheets

Let's face it: managing equity is boring and more complex than in needs to be. However, understanding corporate ownership is crucial to building a healthy successful company.

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Our team of specialised lawyers are here to make your journey as easy as possible.

Automated equity calculations

Feel the freedom of never having to manually update your cap table again. It’s on us, you just focus on what matters.

Sync your legals in one place

Track vesting schedules and distribute stock options to your team for ESOPS, Phantom Stocks, and stock options from Delaware and African-based corporations. 

One source of truth for your equity

Track key legal data and build transparency with integrated portfolios for your shareholders.

Distribute digital securities
Automate SAFEs, KISS, common and preferred shares

Issue digital securities

Send out automated certificates for SAFEs, Convertible Notes, Preferred and Common Shares across the world, including Africa, Delaware, Europe and Mauritian companies. 

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