Plan the Future with Scenario Modeling

Model your future ownership structure to understand how your past, current and future rounds could dilute shareholders. Together with a valuation you could predict future exit opportunities for your team, investors and employees. 

We launched Bamboo and used Raise at the start. They understand the context of a Pan-African and global company like Bamboo.

Richmond Bassey
CEO at Bamboo

No more complicated maths

Building scenarios for the future of your cap table and ownership structure without the complicated formulas in excel sheets. Model out new rounds automatically in the click of a button to get accurate predictions on the terms you are offering. 

See payout opportunities in seconds

Build on your cap table to predict future exits and opportunities for payouts for your team, employees and investors. 

Understand how raising will impact shareholders

Preview how new rounds of capital will dilute ownership and affect ownership percentages on your ownership structure. Understand tax and capital gains implications for African and Delaware entities automatically.

Build and view scenarios

Use your cap table to build out new rounds for pre-seed, seed and series rounds automatically. 

Share scenarios

Build out and share scenarios for your future cap table in seconds.

Share simulators with investors

Let your current and future investors understand the potential growth of their money and how their capital investment could grow over time. 

A timeline to success

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