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Join our beta program and get free access to an end-to-end fundraising platform!

Marvin H. Coleby

📣 We have a special announcement!

After years of hard work and thoughtful iterations, we’re really excited to unwrap the new public Raise platform in a beta program. 🚀 🚀 🚀

On May 28, 2020, our new website and product go live and will be available to any startup in Africa that is fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can request access on our website at

Our deal room helps you track investor activity and financial commitments.

🔥 A big thank you to our earlier beta partners!

We’re so grateful to our early adopters for their valuable feedback and support. This includes driven companies like Helium Health, Ajua and Wallets.Africa to game-changing venture firms like Microtraction and Chrysalis Capital, to innovative law firms like Anjarwhalla and Khanna, the four-time African law firm of the year.

A big thank you toour earliest supporters!

To date, our team have done secure issuances of over $20m worth of electronic share and convertible certificates across Africa. 🎉

🤔 How does the beta program work?

When you join our beta program, you’ll get access to free consultations and digital tools that will simplify your ongoing fundraising journey. As part of the program, you’ll get a free trial to our Grow package up until the end of September, with features that are built to simplify and speed up your fundraising. See a full list of features here.

And here’s the neat catch in the beta program: for a 20-minute feedback session, you get a free month! 🤗

What do you need to do? A 20-minute  call with our product team to provide any feedback on what you would build to make your fundraising journey even easier. That’s it.

Here’s how it works, it’s simple:

  1. Go to and request access;
  2. Follow the email to sign up and book a free consultation on your fundraising plan;
  3. We’ll activate your free trial on the call!

🤔 What do you get?

From there, our team of VC professionals and lawyers work directly with your team to speed up your round with data. Through the Raise platform you’ll be able to:

  • Run fundraising simulations to understand the impact of your percentage ownership;
  • Share a private deal room for your prospective investors with structured due diligence data;
  • Issue electronic share, convertible and SAFE certificates to your new investors;
  • Track investor commitments.

✊🏿 Why now?

It’s simple. We’re founders, and we know that fundraising can take a while... fundraising in Africa takes even longer. African founders facing these challenges are fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many of them could run out of money before they close deals. We can’t let that happen, so we’re here to simplify the process.

COVID-19 put us all in new territory: we’re now forced to raise money remotely. At Raise, we’ve always believed that the era of remote fundraising was always coming - and it just happened a lot faster than we thought. So, we’ve built an end-to-end fundraising process, and want other founders to join us in our beta program to make the fundraising process easier for all of us.

We’ve built an end-to-end fundraising platform: a single place for African founders to close deals remotely.

All done digitally, all done remotely. And all transactions backed by secure and accurate financial and legal data.

At Raise, we believe that the future of fundraising is here. We’re here to bring simplicity, accuracy and transparency to African venture capital with an intuitive and collaborative platform. 

For more about us, check us out at - or email us at We love hearing from you.

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