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💙 Announcing our investment from Microtraction

Marvin H. Coleby

We’re pleased to announce that Microtraction is joining our journey to build Africa's NASDAQ as an investor and partner. Together, we'll be building out the future of investing in private and public companies across Africa. We are so excited to be working with Microtraction to build the future of Africa's capital markets.

Together, we're building out Africa's NASDAQ 🚀

At Raise, we have focused on democratizing access to private investing from the very beginning. And since that beginning in 2018/19, we've been working with the Microtraction team on our mission.

Our north star is liquidity - that means weare building the tools that will empower founding teams to turn stocks into cash for their teams, investors and employees. To do that, we’re simplifying investing for Africans everywhere - by creating digital communities with access to financial opportunities. Private markets and transactions are radically changing, fast.

Raise is the infrastructure that will power transactions in Africa and create a more accessible, dynamic and inclusive investment landscape for financial markets

Microtraction is one of the strongest venture capital firms in Africa. Their portfolio and approach to investing is known globally, and they are at the very centre of the revolution on African private markets. We've known that for years, and been working with Microtraction's team since. As early as 2019, Microtraction’s incredible team worked with us as part of the Binance Labs program (we were one of 14 companies globally), built the first versions of the Raise product as early as May 2019 and have spent countless hours working with us to refine our strategy, approach and go-to-market.

The entire Raise team is super excited to continue on this journey with one of the strongest investment funds on the entire African continent. We’ll be working with the team and their portfolio to continue building liquidity for African startups, investors and employees.

Raise's goal is simple - to bring more cash to early-stage teams and create financial independence for Africans everywhere 🏆

Ife, Dayo, Chidinma, Yele, Thonia, and the many backers behind the Microtraction team - we’re happy to call you partners on this journey. Together, we’ll make it easier to buy, sell and liquidate assets all across the African continent - and bring forth the future of democratic and inclusive investing. 

Let's keep building! 🚀

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