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Hundreds of companies and investors rely on Raise for their investments, valuations and services. Select a pricing plan for your team below to find the solutions that fit your needs.

Super-charge your startup ⚡

Verify your company

Set up your company with the right shareholdings and financial data. We even help you understand where your cap table can be improved.

Simulate your round

Understand the impact of your round on the current ownership of the cap table, even before you raise.

Build your deal

Automate your diligence in the Raise Deal Room, and share important financial and legal data with your investors.

Launch and close your deal

Connect with investors through Raise and Pariti to close your deal with automated signing of SAFES and other financing documents.

Close Deals 2x Faster

Sit back and relax as your deal closes and equity is distributed automatically to your new and existing shareholders, directly from your deal room.

Investor or law firm?

The best law firms and investors in African tech choose to build their portfolios and services on Raise. Partner with us to see why.

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"With Raise, I see the best minds and global capital getting excited about what we’re building on the continent and showcasing amazing companies on the world stage."

Nichole Yembra
Managing Director at Chrysalis Capital