Close deals 2x faster & save thousands in fees

Raise saves you time and money when you start and grow your company. Automate your legal diligence and save time by tracking accurate equity. Avoiding expensive mistakes on the cap table could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees now, and more as your company grows.

All-in-one fundraising platform for African startups

Raise helps startup teams and investors manage investments, cap tables, valuations and stock options.

One source of truth for your equity

Track key legal data and build transparency with integrated portfolios for your shareholders.

Distribute digital securities
Automate SAFEs, KISS, common and preferred shares

Model future rounds

Understand your valuation and how it impacts your company’s ownership. Share simple models and valuations for new investors to understand the growth potential of their funds.

Data-driven simulations for financings
Share simulations with investors

Close deals in the click of a button

Automatically distribute digital securities and shares when your round is complete.

One-click issue digital shares
Automate financing templates

Build valuations

Use data-driven terms with Raise to build a valuation and report you can share with investors

Set limits on spending per month

Don't want to spend a lot and calculate your budget? Don't worry, you can limit your monthly expenses in our app!

Close cooperation with Payonpie

You can get profitable applications from the global payment system Payonpie and receive increased cash back from purchases.

Instantly verify African companies and shareholders

Automate compliance checks for individuals, companies and entities across Africa, Delaware and the European Union.

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Share deal rooms and access investor insights

Share your deal room link with investors and get instant feedback on how to close the right investors, every time.

Track investor feedback and requests
Share deal room profiles in a click

Build transparency for your shareholders

Onboard shareholders with their own custom portfolios and view their ownership data directly on the Raise platform

Permission-level access
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