Tina Nyamache

Chief Growth Officer

Tina led Africa’s office for Village Capital and due diligence for Generation Africa an initiative by Econet Global (ZSE: ECO) and Yara International. Prior to that she worked at Centsavvy Investments trading securities on Nairobi Stock Exchange. She previously worked for Nairobi County Government and Norec (former FK Norway) managing economic development projects.

Blog Posts

Fundraising remotely: What COVID-19 means for startup fundraising in Africa

Have you ever considered that there is no post-COVID-19 world? That this is now the new normal? If it is, that means that fundraising remotely with virtual data rooms and electronic cap tables.

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Raising capital with convertible notes

Convertible notes can be tricky and cause unexpected consequences to both founders and their investors.

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Valuing your startup

If this is confusing, always remember — a pre-money valuation is the valuation pre (before) the new money invested. A post-money valuation is the valuation post (after) after the new investment.

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Fundraising with a clean cap table

As your startup grows, so will the cap table and your excel sheet may not be enough to keep the cap table clean (unless you are a Microsoft Excel Ninja!)

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Understanding employee stock options

Hi again! We bring good and bad news. Good news: stock options have helped build great companies. Bad news: it's really hard to issue stock options in Africa - the laws aren't clear. We've done the research.

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How do you calculate founder dilution, really?

Dilution is just a necessary part of growth. There are many things you can do to prepare and calculate dilution ahead of time.

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What's the difference? Pre-money and Post-money SAFEs

SAFEs can be confusing. Let's clear them up.

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